A private pool – refreshment in your backyard

The Summer 2013 is approaching and hopefully it will be a summer with many sunny days. On those days, most people like to spend their time outdoors, often near water. The swimming pools or lakes are then filled with people who are looking to high temperatures to cool. But just for families, it is not ideal in a crowded swimming pool or lake the own free time to spend. Therefore, more and more families that already have a large garden think about a private pool behind the house after. This brings not only a lot of fun for the kids, but also allows cooling at all times. But before it comes to implementation, it needs some planning.

The conditions

The first requirement is probably to have enough space in your garden. In addition, the pool should be planned at a certain distance to the trees in the garden. If there are too many trees around the pool, this will be constantly dirty afterwards with leaves. As the pool should not be placed near trees, but the shadow is well with families with small children very important missing. So you should make at the beginning even thought about whether to Schedule a separate device for an umbrella. Another decision that must be made is whether you want to equip your own garden with an above-ground or a pool, which is located in the ground. Doing the latter is quite a bit of extra effort. Also priced there are differences.

The accessories

Building a pool in your backyard, it means to get a lot of necessary accessories. Not only the pool itself, but also chlorine, active oxygen, Algenverhüter, sand filters and pumps, pool foil, tubes or water tester – all that goes with it, if you want to build in your backyard is a pool.

Such products have the pool chlorine Store example. Thus, not only causes the acquisition of the pool costs, but also all the things around you might need. But such a purchase can pay for the numerous visits of swimming pools or lakes also in view of the costs!

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